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And the CEO to Caddie bit

The stroke forced me to change course, and to help my recovery I started caddying at the North Berwick Golf Club, a brilliant and historic course.

My thinking was that it would keep me fit, that it would be good for my confidence, and that it would give me the opportunity to meet the type of people I used to deal with as a CEO.

That was some five years ago. Since then, I have caddied for doctors, lawyers, judges, pilots, venture capitalists, millionaires, billionaires, sports champions, bankers, truck drivers, politicians, investment managers, professors, real estate agents, brokers, CEOs, fathers, grandfathers, wives, sons, daughters… Those for whom a trip to Scotland to play golf was small change, others for whom it was a trip of a lifetime… Those for whom the visit was their first to Scotland, others for whom it was their first time.

There have been people from Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Mississippi, Minneapolis, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Italy, England, and many, many other places.

These people, combined with my CEO experience, gave me the insights, ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and inspiration to write a book about changing course. That, in turn, led me to getting a publishing deal to write ‘Changing Course’ – that hit the book shelves in September 2013

7 years ago I had to change course. Once I was a CEO; now as well as being an author and speaker, I work with CEO’s, senior leaders and individuals, helping them to discover ways to change course successfully. I do this through coaching, mentoring, consultancy and workshops.

But, of course, you will still find me carrying the golf bag and caddying!