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The process is starting…..

Posted by on June 3, 2014


I have decided that the second book will be similar in style to the first one but the subject will be a bit different. My first book ‘Changing Course’ focuses on how to change course on a personal level and start again in your life. The key messages that I was communicating throughout this book is based on the first section ‘Foundation’: Do things that you are passionate about, that you feel make a difference and use your strengths for most of the time. The second book will take a more business-orientated perspective and will aim to answer this question; How do you create the right environment in a business (big or small) or in a start up which ensures that your employees are able to do the things I strongly recommend in ‘Foundation’. Simply, if you are a CEO, a senior manager or any form of leadership role, how do you get your employees jumping out of bed everyday looking forward to going to work? How do you go about setting up a company that will get your first employee up to your 1000 + employee feeling passionate about going to work?

In 2013 the Gallup organisation published their report ‘ The State Of The American Workplace’. Gallup interviewed 350,000 workers in the USA over a three year period about how Americans feel about their jobs. The key finding was that only 30% of these employees felt fully engaged in their jobs ( i.e they loved what they did!). 70% felt either disengaged or actively disengaged in their jobs ( i.e they hated their jobs and they wanted to do something else with their lives – to change course!) My second book, will show CEO’s, managers, people in positions of leadership and entrepreneurs how to make that 70% figure far less.

The format, voice and the style of the 2nd book will be very similar to the first book. The CEO to Caddie theme will run throughout the book again but this time some chapters will start with a story about someone I have caddied for, while others will start with a story from my days as a CEO. I will then develop a relevant idea, insight and inspiration on how do you create the right environment in a business/start up (big or small) which ensures that your employees are able to do the things I strongly recommend in ‘Foundation.

Well, that is the plan at the moment!!

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Start of the 2nd book journey

Posted by on May 28, 2014

So, I have decided to try and write a second book. The working title is ‘The 70:30 Leader’. This blog will chart my progress (or lack of it!) of trying to do it again… developing the idea, the synopsis, the book chapter structure, initial chapters, the marketing and social media strategy, the book proposal to my publisher, and hopefully another book deal!! Then follows – more writing, re-drafting, more writing, re-drafting…….. then finally a finished book followed by the book launch and then exhaustion! The first book, from initial idea to getting it published took about 2 years!

‘’Share the process of trying to write a second book to as many people you can’’ a number of people have said to me- …hence this blog. If the second book process is as eventful as the first one then hopefully you will enjoy, via this blog, my new book journey.

Let the fun, pain, excitement, frustration, and creativity, begin!!

2nd Book

Welcome to the Second Book Blog

Posted by on May 22, 2014

Hello, this is my blog for the second book. Check back soon for the latest updates – otherwise, click here to register to receive email updates.